Building Access Policies in response to ongoing COVID-19 Outbreak

Effective Immediately

  • All 3rd parties are restricted from entering the feedmill or office.
  • Anyone delivering to the mill are to remain in their truck with the exception of opening/closing hoppers to unload.
  • Scale tickets will be mailed out with cheques. If this change creates a challenge for you, please call the office and we will work with you to find an alternative that protects both our employees and your business.
  • Trucks delivering pallets/bags are also to remain in their truck.
  • The facility has cameras and will proactively attend to all incoming deliveries, so we ask that you remain patient until someone has contacted you.
  • If you are on site for more than 5 minutes and have not been contacted by our staff, please remain in your truck and call the office 306-366-2060.
  • We ask that anyone delivering grain respect social distancing guidelines in any interactions with the person sampling grain or working on related grain handling equipment outside of the Feedmill.
  • Do not come to our facility if you have been out of the country within the last 14 days or feel unwell.
  • These new policies have been implemented to help ensure operations continue unimpeded for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak. We thank you for your support of our efforts to minimize the impact this has on our business and yours.
  • Please ensure all signage on site is followed as we will update these as needed.